and.... breathe.

Today was the first day I was partially on my own in my new position. The joys of starting a new job, particularly one that is supposed to be "self-directed" and "field-based," and just ISN'T in the orientation phase. The hardest part of giving up my other position was knowing I would have to endure this special part of a new job. We all enjoyed a collective sigh of relief as we headed out this morning knowing all likelihood, I would be back to collect the short people from school within a reasonable time.

The last two weeks are a whirlwind of early mornings, rushed commutes, LONG commutes to nearly New Hampshire, late day pick ups, rushed meals, a sad white flag ending another go at the Vegan Challenge, tired children, bus stop tears, and a mom managing on a ridiculous amount of caffeine. It's true. These past two weeks alone took my pumpkin spiced latte count for the month of October from 2 to 9. 

We could not have gotten through without Steve being able to split the pick up duties with me. Kiki saved us from having to endure a complete and utter bus reintroduction situation with Caroline last week. Someone got a little too cozy with her early drop offs at the school gym. Everyone ate dinner. Everyone had clean clothes. Everyone was an allowable level of clean. That's a win.

Now. To just get through the "easy!" Halloween Party I somehow signed myself up to help with. I spent over an hour last night cutting and wrapping sensory boxes to be filled with scabs (crumbled potato chips), fingernails (dried pumpkin seeds), and brains (damp sponges I sliced and painstakingly SEWED into a brain shape).

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  1. Don't forget that NO is a word in the English language too. Enjoy the party at any rate!! Glad the orientation is over for all your sakes. Much love.