& then she laughed so hard

Advent. My kids barely make it through mass. I recently took them and I am quite sure that despite sitting in the very last row and approximately fifteen feet from the exit, the Lord himself thought someone had brough feral children into church just before Communion. Started off so good, ended oh so badly. Despite this, I am pushing the real meaning of Christmas this year. If you ask Caroline what Christmas is about, she will tell you "giving to others."

Steve got a chocolate window calendar for each of them and Caroline is LOVING finding the next number each day on both her AND Connor's calendar. In lieu of little gifts, I picked up some small notecards and envelopes, a fancy silver pen, and reviewed the "ABCFamily 25 Days of Christmas" schedule. My plan was to create meaning, memories, and make it special. I pinned like I had never pinned before. There is some really amazing fun stuff coming like making trees with ice cream cones and frosting and getting ready for bed and driving around to look at lights. They get to watch Home Alone again, which might be the highlight of the whole thing. It's a lofty goal to get through the month doing something special as a family each day, but it's worth it for the message (and for the memories I will look back and weep over when they leave me). ahem. Where was I?

So far we have roasted marshmallows in the fireplace with hot cocoa, met Santa and gave him our ONE "WANT" item (I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Caroline's ability to limit herself to just ONE thing), watched the Grich, and today we gave to others. What item do you think the kids were most excited about? I'd bet you are wrong. Caroline was so psyched this morning when she read "Give to others." When Steve and I showed up with Toys for Tots and gifts for both Fido and Mittens at the Animal Shelter in tow, her teacher told us she had been hearing about how Caroline's Mom was bringing things later ALL.DAY.LONG. Parent win.

Over the weekend, when football was on and the kids were turning the playroom upside down, I called a time out and tucked the kids into our bed to watch Elf. I had completely forgotten about the sleigh and how it runs on Christmas spirit and that whole dialogue about there NOT BEING A SANTA. Oh, boy. I could feel my intestines in my throat when it started and it was too late to stop it and wouldn't you know that my daughter has a little bit of Buddy the Elf in her. When Papa Elf suggested that there was a rumor going around that the parents were giving the gifts that girl laughed like I had never heard her laugh. This was clearly the craziest thing she had ever heard because, the parents? PLEASE. My intestines returned to their normal positions and I etched another year off my life and forced a crazy hyena laugh along with her.

The next day, Monday, the day we were to watch the Grinch she asked me if it was me sending her notes each day. I had said, "I don't know" when she first asked where they were coming from. She had her theories; Peter the Elf, Santa, a mysterious fairy. I froze and then said, "yes, they are from mommy." Which prompted a "why did you try to trick me?" This stopped me in my tracks. I explained that mommy just wanted to do something special each day with her and Connor to celebrate this very special time of year. That was enough. She "silly mommy'd" me and walked away. When she finds out the truth about the North Pole, I hope she doesn't feel betrayed, but understands that I just wanted to make a little holiday magic for her and Connor. It's coming. I don't know how much time I have left, but as long as she has a little Buddy in her, I am hopeful we have a little more time with all this glorious magic.

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  1. I thought for sure that this would be the year Katherine would start questioning, if anything, because kids would start talking. Hasn't happened. In fact, she's more into it this year than any year. She wakes up each morning looking to see where "Elfie" has landed after his nightly trip to the North Pole then races over to her chocolate Advent calendar because she can't possibly wait until evening to open it. Couldn't care less about all the Christmas specials (did NOT want to watch Rudolph last night....WHA?????) but besides that is into it. Poor Teddy just follows along...the plight of the younger child.