Not even NERF

While I was transforming my closet into the single most organized space in my life, I found more than just extra shoes I hadn't seen in years or copies of newspapers from the Pats first Super Bowl win. I pulled down a box of cards from our wedding. I knew it was up there, on the top shelf, not out of view, but just out of reach. I couldn't resist opening it and soaking in all that happy goodness for awhile. I located several Princess crowns of Caroline's, scraps of paper that would only have meaning for me. I had to take all the robes and sweatshirts (which I wear year round to battle the Arctic environment) down from the hook just inside the bifold doors.

There, in the pocket of the robe I wore Christmas morning, I felt a bulging mess of something. Around here, that could mean anything from Legos to granola bar wrappers to a half eaten cracker or a buggery snotrag. In this case, it was a handful of tiny weapons; guns from Playmobil Pirates and three fancy looking definitely automatic military style guns from Lego mini figures. I had carefully whisked them up before small eyes had a chance to discover them and shuffled them away and into the safety of my pocket... in a breathless moment of panic.

I make my gun control stance pretty well known in my private life. It causes some trouble sometimes because I have a trifecta of terrible; a big mouth, a highly emotional personality, and a stubborn streak that I don't always have to be right, but I will work HARD until my opposition will at least agree that I make a good point.

When we first asked Connor what he wanted for Christmas, his first and I kid you not, immediate answer, was "a gun that makes noise." I recall feeling a little shocked, then dismayed, and then I quickly began a campaign to convince him that he wanted something else. Anything else. I am VERY opposed to Connor playing with guns. I was well before December 14th. I am disappointed in myself that for a few brief days we considered some small target style NERF. I mean, who doesn't like a good Nerf War. I thought about that on Christmas morning, about how after all that happened in the world leading up the holiday, my children almost opened NERF guns on Christmas morning. Somehow, before that day, NERF was different, it wasn't really a gun. As of that day in December, they are all guns, even the teeny tiny ones from the Lego sets, even the pirates old school pirate rifle and none of them are welcome in my house. Not even NERF.


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