The more things change, the more they stay the same

Today is Steve's birthday. He turns 35 today (!) and in doing so, he undeniably enters his mid-thirties. I was too young to watch "thirty something," but given our day to day life, I can imagine that I would have really enjoyed it. It would sort of be like "how I met your mother" used to feel to us, before they dragged it out way to long and got away from what made it good.


When I met Steve we were 22 years old, him just out of school and me just finishing up. I came to know how I really felt about him by writing the longest letters of all time for him to read both ways on a a trip to Ireland with his family. I knew he hated flying and I wanted to be helpful in passing that time anxiety-free. I remember when we were saying goodbye before the trip that he couldn't understand why I was suddenly so sentimental, but I think by the time he came back he knew why, and so did his family.

Back then, we had nothing to do but watch 24, work our first entry level jobs where we spent more time on AOL IM with each other than doing actual work, eat disgustingly delicious hamburger helper, and dream about where we might be in ten or fifteen years. The story was unwritten and held such promise and excitement. I'm not saying that potty training your three year old isn't exciting. The possibility of the combined savings and freedom to travel without a single diaper or wipe, well, that's pretty exciting. Did we sit on the couch looking out the window imagining we would one day cheer like the patriots won the big trophy for a kid peeing on a tiny seat? Probably not, but the day to day is anything but boring. The fact that with some family assistance and a planned after school program event will allow us to celebrate his birthday with dinner AND a movie, well, that's the most exciting thing ever. Well, that or the plans we have for traveling with our old enough to appreciate it kids.

We own a home, two cars, have two children, and are both gainfully employed in field we enjoy during an awful time for our economy. I think our 22 year old selves would be impressed and if not, let's see them do better.

Steve's birthday inevitably makes me think of moving back to MA. It was three years ago today that he officially relocated from CT to MA. We had arrived like wet rats on the steps of auntie c and hokie's new house on their rain soaked moving day, preschooler and baby in tow and we sighed the biggest sigh of relief. We were home, we would figure the rest of it out. I realized last night that when we moved Caroline was barely three, Connor just 6 weeks old. We moved to CT before she was born. When next year creeps around, a figurative tipping of the scales will have already begun as the time we have lived back in MA will start to grow heavier than the time we lived in CT, further into the past and behind us. It feels like yesterday. Time sliding away. The weight of being there so far away from Boston, at times felt like it would always be too heavy and attempts to move it just resulted in exhaustion. Take that 22 year olds, we lived away, successfully, and got back, let's see you try!

In that time, so much has changed, but things, the important ones, remain the same. Our family, our life, our home, I wouldn't change it, Steve. I like it just the way it is.

Happy birthday.


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