Steve has been working since before Christmas in spare moments collected on weekends to refinish a gorgeous bed that once belonged to his grandmother for Connor. I never got to meet his Nanny, but if she was anything like Kiki (and I am sure she was) she is smiling down and clasping her hands together laughing at the sweet thought of her great grandson resting his head on this bed. Steve invested in sanding tools, tried multiple methods to strip the layers and layers of stain and finish, roughened his hands with various grades of sanding paper and sponges. This past weekend he stained and finished the head and foot board, letting them dry for 24 hours in too cold to dry conditions. I have to admit I had my reservations. Steve doesn't exactly have a reputation for being handy, but it really looks handsome and amazing. Steve is obviously quite proud and Connor was so excited to "test" it, that the potential sadness we could have felt taking the crib turned toddler bed apart was overshadowed by all the goodness.

Pieces were pulled out one by one and the kids pranced around his bedroom excitedly. We hit a very small snag, but it did not stop us from putting together a plan for him to actually sleep in his big boy bed last night. He was asleep within five minutes, snuggled under sheets and blankets for the first time in his room, in the bed that will be his for always.

Poof. His babydom is gone. He is Connor the big kid who sleeps in a real honest to goodness bed and wears Spiderman underwear.

I thought I would be sad about this. I worried I would feel pangs of hurt and woe. I knew I would shed a tear. I was wrong. It feels right to have him growing and to put that crib downstairs in pieces. It might someday hold another baby in slumber, but not one in this house as far as I can tell and predict the future. It's another reminder to us that a phase of our life as a family is complete and the chapters move on fast and furious..

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