c'mon spring

There are still patches of snow in the front yard and the back still looks like a skating rink, but for a few moments on Easter it seemed like spring.

Steve and I put on Insanity after breakfast and bunny basket exploration. I was just so distracted by the kids; are they fighting? what is he doing in the corner? "do you have to go potty?" and "No, you cannot have a yogurt" that I gave up, grabbed my phone and went for a 3 mile run because apparently, I do that now. Yup. Don't mind me, I'm just going for what I used to consider a full on attack on my lungs and to finish was not to succeed, but simply to have gotten through. When I got back I was stripped down to shorts and a tee it was that warm and the kids were in full on destruction mode in the playroom. I ushered them into rain boots without a word and took them outside to run free, in their pajamas, on Easter Sunday, while groups of neighbors walked by in sport coats and ties.

Cleary doing half of Insanity and my run was not enough because I grabbed a rake and took care of the entire front yard while the kids played with chalk in the driveway and shoveled the remaining snow piles into sand pails.

It started.

Focus inevitably turns from inside to out in the spring and as I raked up some moss to make way for grass we hope, we started all the outside talk. Overseeding and stick collection, Steve took down two mismatched hooks by the front door that have been there annoying us for two springs. We measured for a shed in the backyard which fits exactly where I said it would. We began contemplating how difficult it would be to install new lighting over the front door and box in those odd beams somehow with new lovely hooks for flower display.

We didn't realize it right then, but hours (yes, hours) later when I was hustling the kids inside to wash the dirt off their faces and dress them for Easter, it hit me. This new chapter of our kids' lives is the makings for one amazing summer; where they can busy themselves together without needing constant supervision and let's face it, policing of turns and sharing. In fact, the only sour note of the entire morning was when I gathered them around me to plant the seeds that will become seedlings in our still to be completely planned out garden. I thought, what a perfect Easter morning and now I will gather my children and together we will plant things we will enjoy eating all summer. They were better left to do their own thing, find their own rhythm out there, and my interjection of bean and watermelon (caro's choice) seeds mucked it all up.

When we bought this house we imagined summer nights on the porch, watching the kids run amuck playing flashlight tag in the growing twilight, catching fireflys in jars, and after bedtime heading back outside for a cold beer under a light blanket with the Sox game on listening to the sounds of home around us. This year is that year and for me, it cannot come quick enough.


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