One of my favorite things about warmer months growing up was the occasional BLT night that we would have at home. I mean, does it get any better? Bacon, with crispy lettuce, a drippy ripe tomato on toasted bread smothered with just the right amount of mayo. Sounds like heaven, right?

I am not sure if we had them often, or really under what circumstances my mother prepared them, but boy do I love a BLT. Perhaps I romanticized them a bit because one of the marital sacrifices I make is that my partner despises tomato and removes lettuce from sandwiches. He doesn't even like mayo. Bacon on bread doesn't really sound like dinner to him and BLTs aren't something you often make for little kids. It isn't even something I order when we are out. Long story short, there has been a long, sad BLT drought.

This weekend after Connor nearly choked inhaling a piece of bacon because his love of bacon is second only to his father's, I had a lightbulb moment while writing my grocery list. He lerned early, eat it fast or miss out! Caroline loves tomatoes, tolerates bacon, loves all greens and would happily put mayo on everything she eats. Connor is not really a fan of sandwiches, but clearly loves bacon. Last night my daughter practically licked her BLT plate clean and her brother picked his apart, but ate nearly everything that wasn't green.

The doors to a summer of casual hot night BLTs have opened wide and i celebrated this loudly! With cheers. My poor husband sensed my excitement and kept his "this isn't dinner" commentary to himself. He wasn't pleased, but I did make him an amazing grilled cheese with bacon and I defy anyone to tell me that isn't delicious!

I can't wait for BLT requests, but is there a way to make sure my man has a good meal that night that feels like dinner to him?


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