the results of approximately 36 dance lessons

As a parent who knew Caroline in preschool when she would cross her arms and cry during "concerts" and look so incredibly uncomfortable in front of a small crowd that it broke your heart to watch told us Saturday, "she has come a very long way."

Not an ounce of fear, no anxiety, just sheer excitement and happiness. Caroline loved this beginning to end. Makeup. Hair. Glitter. Costume. Attention. She sweetly had no idea dancers got flowers and she has two beautiful bouquets. Did she know every step? No. Did she lose herself a bit towards the end of her ballet number before racing to the back to get to position? Yes. That was my favorite part of the entire show. Caroline of yesteryear might not have even gotten out on stage. If last year she had gone out and forgotten where to run, she would have collapsed the floor or cried hysterically. Not only did she race back to her spot, but she helped her friend who forgot the last part and reminded her rather enthusiastically that she should be down on her knee. That's our girl.

Here are the photos of her big amazing debut. She knocked it OUT!

Caroline Recital 2013


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