There was an accident at camp the day after the 4th.

At pick-up... "Mrs. McCashew? Yeah, Caroline had a little fall on a wiggly stump, she is ok, but we wanted you to know." She climbed in and strapped her seatbelt and we pulled away to keep the pick up line moving. I tried to keep calm, but what was this accident and what had happened?? I pulled over immediately into a side road and inspected my beauty's bod. Some pretty nasty bruising and scrapes were on her leg requiring three band aids and similar marks were also across her upper chest.

Her explanation: She had been standing on the stump (that she shouldn't have been standing on) and it wiggled and fell over. When it fell, she fell and scraped her leg before the stump fell on top of her.

Good news/bad news. She got the warm and fuzzy for bravery that day, but a stump fell on her chest.

I was panicked for two reasons; a stump fell on my girl and if I had not been picking her up (it was a fluke transportation change secondary to the holiday) how would this information have been communicated to me? Then I pushed that aside because my six year old had given me a very complete picture of what had happened, complete with her inattention to the group and admittance that she should not have been standing on the stump.

I know her as well as I know myself and I had an idea that this might lead to her not wanting to participate in high ropes. I worried that she would shy away from it for the rest of the summer and that was not going to happen. It didn't take long for me to convince her that the best answer to this was to choose it as her number one elective the next time she updated her list and to my surprise, she agreed. She cheered at pick up yesterday when she told me she had gotten high ropes. In the next breath she alerted me that perhaps she was a bit too afraid to do everything in high ropes.

I told her all about how afraid of heights her mom is and that doing a high ropes course like this would make her feel like there was nothing she could not accomplish. I told her that when I was a camp counselor that one summer (that blew her MIND!) I had done a course like hers with my kids. She nodded, smiled and went on with her day and then today happened.

During the briefest of post camp debriefs, "We walked across a wire today! The first girl went up and took one step and she was done. I went up and walked across the whole wire and then I leaned back and they lowered me down! Tomorrow I get to do a squirrel fly!!"

Based on her description, this is probably pretty close to what she is doing, but I really hope she doesn't go this high?!

Squirrel Fly


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