we went to harwich

We ate (TOO MUCH) fried seafood, mini golfed, scooped up crabs (that ate other crabs) on the mudflats, ate more ice cream than we should have, went fishing, beached, swam, and watched the entire first season of Homeland. Dare I say, we had a restful and fun vacation with two smallish children?

There were moments of course, a few days that we pushed it a bit too long at the beach and one in particular where Connor nearly pushed a senior citizen off the boardwalk to be the line leader. His little elbow was making its way to her knee just as I grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. True story.

We never had a complete rain out and we have THE worst weather luck in the history of weather. I tried to be more flexible and Steve tried to be more regimented. The kids shared a room and that was simultaneously the best and worst part of the day. They would have spent all night chatting in their beds, by the light of their little camping lanterns. Most nights one had to fall asleep in our bedroom and get hoisted back into their room later.

Caroline found the elusive Moon Snail herself buried under the sand at the end of a little trail of sand. Connor swam in the ocean without being held (wearing a puddle jumper, of course) for the very first time and loved it, but not the sea weed. Caroline launched herself from Steve's shoulders and swam on her own, DIVING through waves. The kids caught three keepers on our fishing trip which we took home to the cottage and baked with camp mix. Caroline branched out and decided cookie dough is her new favorite ice cream. Connor was all sherbet all week and could not believe I had ice cream that tasted like maple syrup.

We got lost getting to Pirate Mini Golf, I have no idea how, and it was a really rocky start thanks to an ill-advised car nap for Con, but he pulled himself together. We had very flexible rules, did not keep score and the kids basically hit their balls and ours until they got all four into the hole, somehow.

We felt the sea air all around us, we took in the peaceful beauty of all things "cape," and we enjoyed what felt for awhile like limitless time together. It was enough to get me wishing for summers with the kids and perhaps even pushed me to formulate an escape plan that would not involve my work phone ringing from my bag in the bedroom and me spending time looking for service to check in on my caseload and complete things I shouldn't have had to complete. Time spent away together brings perspective.

Here are some of my favorite moments of the time our little family spent in Harwich in a little house by the sea.



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  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    looks like an awesome vacation and family time together, so happy for you! Claire McCabe (ps I can't figure out how to sign in)