I hope it lingers

Things have changed and they remain the same. Looking back over the year, it is hard not be grateful for our health, our lives, that we continue taking one step more each day. The headlines were filled with the makings of nightmares. I am sure I'm not the only one that lingers longer with my children at bedtime. I can't be alone in my silent prayers when I pick up each child at school or in the sigh of relief I feel when the garage door opens signaling Steve's safe return. 

I looked back and I haven't done a thankful post each year, probably too caught up in the rushing and baking and ahhhhhhhh of it all. 

There is this from 2011 (actually scratch that, 2010!) and what babies they were! Connor on the brink of walking and becoming baby Godzilla. 

I teared up reading this one from 2007 just as I imagined I would when I wrote it six holidays ago. 

Time goes fast. Today I am thankful for today. We are so blessed in so many ways and I hope this thankful feeling carries through to the new year and beyond. Less stuff, more snuggles. Fewer dollars spent, more time given. Less about me, more about you. Less rush, more linger.


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