mine and theirs

I'm running in a local 5K tomorrow. I hate running in the cold. I hate the layers, the can't breathe cold in my lungs, the weight of my feet on the cold pavement.The proceeds go to charity and support my community. The race literally starts and ends in my neighborhood. In the three years we have lived here, I have yet to run in this race.

I ran a "run through" last weekend because I have a mental block for a section of the course which historically is tough for me. I get anxious just thinking about a particular part of the race. I could not find a course map and ended up guessing. Guessing gets you a four mile run instead of a 5K.

I really hesitated to register until I looked at the calendar and saw that the weekend of the race directly preceded the anniversary of Sandy Hook Elementary School. When I realized that, I was all in. The race is even called the Angel Run. I'm running to support my community, but my thoughts will be with the families missing their first graders (and loved ones) this holiday season. They have almost reached the point on the calendar where they can no longer recall what their child (or loved one) did last year on this date.

My Caroline is a first grader this year. I have been lingering with the kids at bedtime. Snuggling with them extra long, smelling their smells, feeling their warmth, soaking them in. I'm sure a lot of people will be doing that this week and through the holidays.

I'm going to be thinking of them tomorrow. I'll be wearing my Sandy Hook Run for the Families shirt, "For Caroline, mine and theirs."


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