five days in one

Somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving (at this point this entire fall is a complete blur), Steve forwarded several links over text about Disney On Ice. A tiny silver lining of him having to drive into the city everyday was the slow crawl he does on the section of the Pike toward South Station where he had a nice clear view of the billboard at BU advertising the show. I was clearly on board for this and we made it our gift to the kids for Christmas. We picked a date, he bought the tickets immediately, and we made a plan to give the kids an amazing day in the city.

The moment we arrived Caroline decided she was getting a snow cone is an Ariel cup. We knew we couldn't get out of there without buying them SOMETHING and since we figured they would be hungry and thirsty anyway, we made a plan to pony up for some popcorn and lemonade. Steve vetoed the snow cone and took Connor to the restroom while the girls waited in line. She begged, she pouted, and I could have stood my ground on lemonade, but this day was about them. Steve came out of the restroom to see her holding her TWELVE dollar snow cone. She swore she would eat it all, every last bite, and to her credit, she ate and drank every single bit of that rainbow snow cone. It took her the ENTIRE show.


The show was super fun! The kids were engaged, smiling, waving and this all bodes well for what we have planned later this month. There were four scenes; Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, and Peter Pan. I don't think I am exaggerating at all when I say we all enjoyed it. Connor asked us afterward where Jake was, nothing gets by that kid. This was Caroline's face when Ariel made her big entrance. That right there made it completely worth it.

We snapped this during the intermission. No signs at all of unrest, boredom, or the wiggles whatsoever. The show was about 90 minutes, not a single bathroom break, request for a snack, or a loud spinny glowy thing. 

Phase II was an expertly executed drive downtown to catch a view. Steve found a spot directly in front of Hynes Convention Center that was so amazing we had to check the sign to make sure it was a real spot. We debated our plan of attack and then noticed a SWAT team across the street at an eerily empty Apple store. We pushed on and not knowing how they would be at Top of the Hub, we paid the entry fee for the Prudential Sky Walk reasoning that the kids could scream, run, and enjoy the view without risk of pulling a linen tablecloth off the table of some imprtant business meeting. THEY LOVED THIS, way more than we would have ever predicted. They listened to nearly every window's audio tour (complete with Connor loudly repeating every line, "150 years old!!") and I got to show them Northeastern (while pointing in the general direction of BC). Here is a boy and his already beloved Fenway and the pair listening intently to the info with Hancock behind them.

Steve pulled a second parking miracle in the North End in a lot that would only cost $15 for the entire night. We caught this shot of Caroline running through Christopher Columbus Park outside our wedding reception venue. It didn't exactly look like this back then. It's always fun to take them through the city to places we used to frequent or have some special meaning. Too bad I'll never get to push her into the door of the Littlest Bar. I am still bitter. 

She was running because she knew we were headed to see these guys outside the Aquarium. Stopping by the tanks outside is one of our favorite things to do. We caught it perfectly as the tail end of a feeding and the animals were peppy and showing off. Our kids who lack all social grace raced back and forth trying to following their new friends, tripping over kids and grown ups all the way.

It was cold, but Caroline had her eyes on the Rose Kennedy Greenway Carousel and we bundled up for a ride on a lovely butterfly and feisty lobster. It feels like it has been there forever, it just sort of belongs there. It's fun to think that it will be there for them to ride with their kids someday and they will have photos like this to show their own tiny carousel lovers.

We topped the night off with dinner in the North End at our favorite, Cantina Italiana. We have taken them there before, I already get the eye roll from Caroline when I tell her that "this is where Mommy and Daddy had their first date." As far as she is concerned, nothing mattered before she arrived and Connor cannot fathom that he was ever NOT here. "No Mommy, where was I??" We could have walked to Bova or Modern, but Mike's was right next door and we took a little box home with chocolate chip cannoli and cookies as big as the kids' heads. We truly packed in a full day with these kids. One of these activities would have made a fun day in the city, but we feel like we had a week's worth of fun in one day. This signals success for later this month when we tour these kids into the ground and pack in five amazing days at Walt Disney World. If even one of our days is as wonderful as this day was in Boston, we will consider it an amazing success. 


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