Second Annual Champagne & Sippy Cup New Year's Eve

Last year Steve and I looked at each other as the holiday season approached and rolled our eyes imagining our quiet New Year's Eve with take out. We wondered if that would be the year we would fall asleep before the first moment of 2013. Wouldn't it be amazing to have some friends in similar parental situations over for a casual New Year celebration? Wouldn't the kids love an excuse to trash the playroom, play with friends, stay up late? We added in a countdown to the New Year at 7:30 pm and Champagne and Sippy Cup New Year's was a go. The kids had a blast last year and while it was utter chaos most of the night, it was so much fun to have little fun with other grown ups akin to the NYE of yesteryear.

Piggybacking on last year's success, we planned another early celebration and it was such fun.

We tossed a ton of confetti, the kids toasted with apple juice, I totally forgot to serve the Hoodsies, and a group of a dozen kids from toddler to first grade who barely knew each other played so well that the parents were largely able to have a holiday cocktail & enjoy adult conversation. They explored the kids' toys, watched a movie, and found their way through the costume closet with hilarious results.

I highly recommend you consider a Champagne & Sippy Cup NYE to welcome in 2015. I think it is safe to say there will be an even more improved version happening here again next year, this time with a legit Air Hockey Tourney.

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  1. Hey, who's that hot pregnant chick wearing the pink shirt and black sweater in the middle of the 5th photo? Cute little girl on the left side of that one as well.

    Such a great time had by all! Thanks for having us!