snowy realizations

This was something I jotted down a few weeks ago before the holidays

It is that moment when your first grader asks to please be a drop off at school because of the mess outside. You reluctanly agree because the bus is so much easier. Two kids on a sloppy snowy morning isn't exactly fun for a school drop with all the hazard lights and buses. You reason it out in your head first that this will only work if you can stay beside the car and watch her walk to the door. You give her a pep talk that you will park beside the walkway and watch her walk all the way to the door and wave to her when she gets there. She isn't too happy about that, but you reassure her that you will be right there watching her every single step. 

She catches up with a friend getting off a bus almost as soon as her feet hit the sidewalk and they embrace excitedly. They hold hands. They run together to the door and though you can't hear her, she is laughing. She doesn't even turn to wave goodbye.

You swallow that gulp in your throat, the smile vanishes from your face and you reluctantly open the door to get on your way. It stings. You sigh. Then the smile makes its way back to your face. She is ok out there without you. 


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