Connor's Army Guys

When the kids fill their marble jar for good or helpful behavior, we often end up at our favorite little bookstore in town. (Lately, I'm also offering ABC Mouse tickets and wow, you should see those kids clean a playroom!) This marble jar trip isn't for a large item or a big book. It's usually a small game, a notebook, a special pen, or a little Playmobil set. One of the first things Connor chose was a bag of green army men. He wasn't entirely sure what they were all about, but quickly decided that the ones with the radios were in charge. He didn't even immediately identify that they were holding guns, but he figured that out pretty fast. Mama wasn't too sure about that, but I find that he more likes to set them up, sometimes all together, sometimes just a few at a time. Rex from Toy Story tromps through them, he spends his spinning Zurg through to send them flying, but more often he leaves them in the most impossible spot in the middle of the kitchen floor before dinner. These occupy him for large amounts of time.

One night before dinner he asked me what their names were. I was distracted with dinner and asked him what he meant and he pressed on, "what are their names?!"

I picked one of them up and thought about it for moment and then grabbed a whole handful.

"This one is Bob, he's a Navy guy. This guy is Charlie, he's a Navy guy too, but instead of a boat, he flies in a seaplane that can land on the water. He even got captured by the enemy this one time and boy, that was awkward (Connor's favorite word) This one is an M.P. and his name is Neil. He looks an awful lot like you, don't you think?"  


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