the moon

The moon is perhaps the only positive about these extra special short winter days when it is dark well before I pick the kids up from school. By the time I get Connor strapped in and we head the admittedly short distance down the road to Caroline's after school program, the moon is usually beginning to peek out. I let him spot it first and as we park he points to it excitedly. I gather him from his seat and we stealthily sneak to the door hoping the moon won't spot us. Caroline takes her usually epically long time finishing her project, cleaning up, finding her coat, arguing about wearing her coat. By the time we exit that door to FINALLY head home, the moon is fully out, staring right down at us. The kids erupt in screams and race hand in hand to the car, now rushing me to hurry, "before he finds us."

We spend the ride home evading that pesky moon. He is tricky, often switching sides as we turn and meander our way across town. Just when we think we have lost him behind a tree, at a stoplight, there he is again. The kids alternate wanting him to find us and wanting him to get lost. It ends when we turn down our street and he usually gets blocked by a huge pine tree. The kids urgently request that I get in the garage and close it as fast as I can. They race inside, breathing deep sighs of relief and sharing high fives. I shake my head and as their personal Sherpa, drag all their gear in. It is adorable and fun and I hope they never, ever tire of it.


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