Strawberries and Cream

Most of the time when Caroline brings assignments home I spend a larger than should be reality amount of time scratching my head and trying to make sense of "new math." She responsibly draws thought bubbles to show her work and meanders her way through the page while I look over her shoulder HORRIFIED because as a 35 year-old woman with a Master's degree, I cannot follow what is happening.


I often spend the time dinner is cooking (and I should be making lunches for the following day) reviewing "ABC papers" which have NOTHING to do with ABCs and everything to do words with similar letter sounds and other random things she has worked on recently.

This one goes all the way back to MLK. This draft has sadly been sitting over here for THAT long. I'm working on it, but failing nonetheless. Caroline was really into MLK this year, she had a book about his life and she shocked her teacher by remembering the year of his birth. This was not something they had covered in class, just information she had retained from reading. (!!!!) She might just be a non-fiction fan. I'm usually not that impressed with the way schools cover this topic for kids her age. They sort of gloss over it in a way, offer praise for him standing up to oppression and move right on into decorating Valentines. This year I was brought to a screeching pause over spaghetti and meatballs when this paper drifted under my nose, hidden in her folder.

I think my WOW moment is justified here. In my head I screamed, "FINALLY!" Every time my daughter reaches for the peach "skin colored" crayon I have to bite my lip and remind her gently that it is PEACH, not skin, that her skin might be that color, but that is not "skin color." I love everything about this worksheet. I love that they all had pasted on different swatches and they could lay these worksheets out in a big pile and literally see the diversity within their group. I love that she had them NAME their skin tone, not black, not white, but a REAL name.



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