There is no school on Good Friday, but before I went into a whirling panic a few weeks ago, I saw a sign notifying that the afterschool program is going to be open to cover the day. They are also open during all but one day of Spring Break next week with lots of fun activities and field trips planned. These extra days cost a small bit extra, of course, but I think most of us working parents are so relieved for the continuity and saving the scramble of playing hot potato with our kids that we don't utter a single complaint. After I signed the forms, paid the fees, and marked my calendar we got some notes in our mailbox at school about the plans.

Today is SUPER HERO DAY and the children have been encouraged to dress the part. I personally cannot wait to hear about the Super Hero challenges and training, but more than that I am looking forward dropping to seeing the incredible educators who will all be dressed to the NINES in their Super Get Up. We are so fortunate to have a program like this.

I reminded her that it was Super Hero Day earlier this week. We could have grabbed a cape from the costume closet and added a mask or crown, but instead I asked her what she thought her Super Power should be. She was very detailed, more detailed than I had anticipated, and it became a fun little project. Before I knew it, she was writing out a list of things she needed for her Super Hero attire and I was off to the store to find stickers and iron on patches among other things in very particular colors.

(Bat Man Cape, a White T Shirt, Boots, Sparkles, Heart, Puppy, and Baby, Eye Cover Mask, a Crown, Pink, Purple, and Blue, She loves to "talk" to animals, babies, and toys)
Somehow she took the notebook to school with her, snuck it into her book bag while my back was turned, and the results of that were rather interesting as well. She apparently thinks Connor is a Super Hero and pleads for him to be put on TV. She reveals a "secret" number akin to Lost and then in what I am sure will be Daddy's favorite, states she doesn't like boys. We are still figuring out contractions.

Once we had all her required supplies, we could begin work on TranslateHer, her Super Hero alter ego. TranslateHer can talk to animals and babies and yes, even toys through the powers of her heart. She has won awards from even the President himself for all her good work in making babies, animals and toys happy. This girl... I don't know many kids who when presented with having ANY power they can think of would come up with this and not invisibility, super strength, or x-ray vision.

She was so flipping happy with her get up... until we got to her program, opened the door, and she caught sight of some of the boys in head to toe bat man and wolverine. She retreated to the cubby room and fat tears rolled down her cheeks. She mouthed to me that she was scared and I wasn't sure if it was that the boys were really into this, that she wasn't a "real" super hero, or if she was worried about how her own costume would be received by her peers. (GAH!!!) I still don't know. I had to force her into the main classroom area and with the help of one of her favorite teachers (who guessed her super power immediately) we got her to go explore an area of the classroom where kids were working feverishly on their own capes and headwear. I was so proud of her hard work on this; her super hero back story, her super power and I just hope that she found a way today to feel that way too.

"TranslateHer! Here to tell you why your baby is crying or what your puppy wants for dinner."


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