So much excitement!!!

We have been keeping quite busy these last few days and here is why! We closed on our first house this past Friday!!! There was much prep to be done, many boxes to be packed (many more STILL to be packed), and lots of fun stuff like demo and organizing.
Check out the photos from Month 4 to check out some photos of our weekend!
On Thursday we never thought Friday would come, but it did and it had been non-stop excitement ever since.
Nana and Granda came down to visit and help out and we learned that Granda moonlights as an electrician and can change out fixtures. We hightailed it to Home Depot on the spot to utilize his expertise and have two shiny new fixtures thanks to him~ THANKS!!! Nana did her part by entertaining Caroline while I ripped a floral border to shreds and freed the windows' souls of their hideous country curtains.
We won't officially be living there until Memorial Day weekend, but until then we are going to be part here and part there. It seems to be difficult on the baby, she is ok at times and absolutely beside herself at others. She must sense the excitement and stress of the move and is reacting to it in the only way she knows how.
The plans
The roof repair is already underway. The painter starts bright and early on Monday morning. We have already moved more than 30 boxes (almost all of the kitchen, the entire dining room, and most of the living room) into the basement. The dishes are already stacked on their newly cleaned shelves. The island is gone. A falling apart piece of fence is stacked up ready for removal. The carpet in the family room and on the stairs will be installed next Monday. The plan is to have everything at the new house, with the exception of the furniture, by next Wednesday, so that the official move will be seamless. Thankfully we will have some help from Auntie K on our actual move date - Thursday May 24th! With any luck we will be enjoying some holiday weekend sun at the beach on Saturday! (cross your fingers for us! We have a lot of work to do before we get there!)
One of the bumps in the road on Thursday was our laptop keyboard dying - just the keyboard. We are in the process of fixing it or getting an external one, but until then and given all that is going on in our life right now, posts will be somewhat sporadic.
I did a walking tour of our house on the video camera and will try to upload it. It is quite lengthy, but we will try to get it up asap for those interested.
Our current home seems so much larger without the 30 boxes all piled up in the living room... but we won't get used to that because the space is already earmarked for the 10 or so boxes already packed and ready to move.
Brett is coming down to help out this week too! We may put him to work at what I like to call adult Legos (IKEA) =)

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